Xiaomi Enchen Boost Trimmer (Hair Clipper & Beard)


Product Name: Xiaomi Enchen Boost Trimmer (Hair Clipper & Beard)

TYPE-C USB interface
1-hour fast charge can be used for more than 80 minutes
Cutting length 0.7mm (without clipper) & 3-21mm adjustable (with clipper)
5 min quick charge
Runtime : 90 Min
Charging time: 120 minutes
Two Speed Control
Double protection energy efficiency multiplication
Turbo Speed mode, powerful 5800 rpm
Removal cutter head, easy to clean
Ultra-low noise, less than 55db
One Button Locks The Length Of The Haircut
Nano Ceramic Cutter Head
Variable Frequency Power
R Type Rounded Corner Processing

ENCHEN Boost USB Electric Hair Clipper Two Speed Ceramic Cutter Hair Fast Charging Hair Trimmer Children Hair Clipper

– One Button Locks The Length Of The Haircut
Features a slider-type positioning comb that locks haircut lengths from 0.7 to 21 mm and supports one-button adjustment for easy operation.

– Nano Ceramic Cutter Head
The hardness of nano-ceramics is 1.6 times that of ordinary stainless steel. The surface smoothness is smaller than that of stainless steel. when the hair clipper is running at high speed, the noise generated by the ceramic cutter head will be lower and it will not be easy to generate heat. Working noise is less than 55db

– Variable Frequency Power, Two Speed Control

The ENCHEN Boost hair clipper adopts frequency conversion technology, and with the powerful 280 type motor, it provides two-speed power flexible switching to meet the needs of different hair types. The normal starting speed is 4500 rpm for normal hair, long press the switch button. Instantly activates the “Turbo” speed mode, with a powerful output of 5800 rpm, making it easy to build thick hair

– ESM Intelligence Prevent Stucking Hair

ESM (Energy Smart Manager) is the brain of ENCHEN products. It has two large modules of energy management and motor mastering. Which can guarantee high speed operation.  The ESM will activate multiple guarantees to extend battery life and ensure safe charging.  Boost’s indicator system can accurately display the status of low battery, charging, and full power.

– R Type Rounded Corner Processing

The parts that contact the skin with the cutter head and the positioning comb are rounded to ensure safety and comfort during hair cutting. The hair clipper head consists of a movable cutter and a static cutter.

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