Pain Relief Specialist Spray – 150ml

৳ 900.00

Move Spray is an ayurvedic topical application to relieve pain, back pain, lower abdominal pain, arthritic pain symptoms, muscle sprains, joint pain, sports injuries, knee pain, fibrocystis, sciatica, osteoarthritis, and to relieve osteoarthritis. Fatigue and muscle strain cause aches and pains. Move spray is made from winter green oil, mint flower (mint leaf), turpentine oil (turpentine oil), cinnamon oil and eucalyptus (eucalyptus oil) which are beneficial in relieving instant pain and providing warmth.

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  1. product name: Pain Relief Specialist Spray – 150ml
  2. Net Weight: 150ml
  3. With the power of 4 active ingredients
  4. Made in India
  5. Effective For back pain
  6. Inflammation, sprains, strains
  7. Fast Acting Formula
  8. Spray For external use only



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