P Vita Anti Melasma Cream

৳ 1,150.00

How to use ???
Apply it gently after using facewash before bedtime without rubbing
Before exposing to in sun, apply sunblock cream for better results
Country of Origin Thailand
Capacity 10gm



Product details of P Vita Anti Melasma Cream – 10gm

Product details of P Vita Melasma Cream 10 Gm
100% original made in Thailand
Cures Melasma (Chaya poto)
Cures hyperpigmentation skin
Dermatologists tested
Cures tilkothi,makkhi
Suitable for both male and female
Results in a week

  • Reduces age marks.
  • Removes sunburn spots.
  • Removes wrinkles and age marks on the skin.
  • Useful for both boys and girls.
  • No side effects. You just have to use one.
  • Those who have too much or depth mesta have to use 2 creams.
  • Solves melasma problem
  • Repairs your skin

P-Vita Melasma Cream Is a 100% original dermatologically tested amazing cream, suitable for both males and females which cures melasma (Chhaya photo), hyperpigmentation skin, til Kothi, Makkhi. It goes along with all skin types and has no side effects. It makes your skin youthful, healthy by reducing wrinkles and improves skin tone to achieve anti-aging effects

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