Huda Beauty Eye Liner/ Dmg Eyeliner/ Flormar Eyeliner / Lakmepro Eyeliner

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Product About-Huda Beauty Eye Liner/ Dmg Eyeliner/ Flormar Eyeliner / Lakmepro Eyeliner
Huda Beauty Eye Liner
1.Cool black waterproof formula, quick-drying and do not faint or easy outline perfect line
2.use to the eye.
Dmg Eyeliner
1.The 100% original Product dmg eyeliner pencil . It ‘s made from natural herbal ingredients so that it can make your eyes healthy. In addition to eyeliner and it can also be used as a celak or eyebrow pencil and lip liner.

How to use this product;
1.if this eyeliner pencil is blunt and it can be glued to a sharpener.
2.with a pencil-like shape and it’ll make it easier for customers to use it.
3.when used as an eyebrow pencil.
4.Just scratch on the eyelids slowly. Do it over and over to make the color thicker.

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