Black Mask Whitening Complex

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Product About- Black Mask Whitening Complex
Black Mask Whitening Complex- made in china- 100%Original
Peel of Bamboo chatkoal black, easy to apply adsorption of skin surface blackheads,excellent extension and aging skin,excess oil,clean the skin dirt,make skin fresh and delicate.

Cleaning out dirt and cuticle effectively on face. This great blackhead remover helps to remove stain or oil spots on your face.

It improves the blood circulation of your face.
It helps to keep your face smoother and tender.

After cleaning, take appropriate this product evenly around the nose, chain and t-zone, wait up to 30 minutes to dry.
Gently peeled off from the bottom up, you can see the black, wine meters, sewage grease, dead skin being sucked out of the facial skin.
Recommended to use 1-2 times per week.

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